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“AMAZING!!! I am in the early part of my “middlehood” journey and I found this book to be one of its kind! There were so many emotions I experienced when reading the inspiring, heartfelt stories of other women. The author’s did an amazing job bringing them to life! You will LOVE it!!”  Sally Douglas

Stories are universal. If you are, have been, or will be, a woman in Middlehood, this is the book for you. I laughed and cried with each story as its familiarity touched me. If you don’t have Middlehood women around you in person then you really need this book. There is remembrance of things past and guidance for things future by women who have been there. I love this book!”  Polly Treat

Women and Middlehood should be read by everyone who is on this sacred journey we call life. There are lessons throughout the book to help with any “change” or transition. I will soon be 70 years old–well past middlehood–and the stories in this book made me laugh, cry, reminded me of my middle years but also gave me food for thought about my future. The story telling how the “Puma never tried to hide from potential dangers”–so “it is free to live” is giving me courage to live free, take some risks, as I struggle with what to do with the rest of my life.” Ann R

From the first words, I was totally engrossed and engaged in this timely, well-written, lovely book. The stories in the book are powerful and often inspirational; the advice given in terms of working with yourself to transform difficult challenges was very useful (and I’m a psychotherapist, so I oughta know!) And sharing so many women’s stories in their own voices throughout the book is a meaningful way to help all of us feel less alone in this sometimes exciting, sometimes difficult time of life. It made me appreciate my own journey more, and helped me recommit to sharing stories with my friends and making time in our busy lives to listen to each other’s journeys, trials and triumphs. I want to buy this for every women from 40 to 65, and maybe even those younger and older!” Olivia Mellan

“Amazing Insight!! I absolutely loved this book. As a person in the early part of this age of “middlehood”, I found so many stories I could completely relate to. I laughed and I cried. The book is so well written; it is both touching and insightful. I would highly recommend it not only to those in their middlehood years, but to anyone wishing to understand and experience what those in middlehood are going through.”  Nan Coats

A great opportunity to reflect! While I am only in the beginnings of middlehood this book has allowed me to be reflective of the experiences that I have had thus far. I look forward to re-reading it often as I continue my adventure through middlehood.”  Paige T.

Outstanding Book! This book is a riveting read — women in my age demographic sharing stories about how life “is” at midlife. Midlife is no longer “old”; rather, we’ve just reached the middle part of our life journey. I greatly enjoyed the different stories shared by women in middlehood, and it’s affirming to hear from other women that middlehood is truly a time to celebrate. You will read it and think, “Aha!”  Kathy Jacobsen

No woman should miss this book! What a wonderful book! Dealing with middlehood can be challenging and wonderful. This beautifully-written book discusses all aspects of those challenges and rewards. The authors’ insight has helped steer me in a clearer direction of my path up the mountain, touching on areas of my life where I have been stuck or where I just thought I was the only one going through what I was experiencing. Reading it is like being able to talk with good girlfriends about what you need to know during this vast time of our lives. I cannot accurately describe what I learned through reading this book, about myself, about my relationships, about grieving, about enjoying my age and all I can be now. The stories and quotes from other women really helped put my experiences into perspective for me, and helped me understand what the other women in my life are experiencing, too. I did not know how much I needed this book until I read it. What did I get from reading this book? Empathy and knowledge. It’s just what I need.”  Michelle T.

Your book is inspiring, fun and thought provoking!! I have read many “self-help” books over the years: How to take exams. How to survive college. Many how too books on teaching. How to plan a wedding. How to have a good marriage. How to decorate, cook, clean, etc. How to parent. How to be a grandparent. But, this book fills a huge gap for “self-help” at this stage of life, Middlehood. The book is a pleasure to read, well written, interesting, thought provoking and well-rounded!! Thank you, thank you for this book! Lannette

Excellent writing for women! I chose this book to learn how to enter this phase of life. The insights gathered were rich and profound. The authors are very gifted and wise. Loved it! This is a  fantastic book!”  Joy R.

THE POWER OF THIS BOOK, Women and Middlehood: Halfway up the Mountain, by Jane Treat and Nancy Geha, is how it allowed—encouraged—celebrated my saying “yes” to my life. Not my perfect, in shape, super-heroic life, but my real life. Our lives are rich! My God, how much we’ve learned and how hard some of those lessons have been! But do we sit around wishing it had been different? We could. I certainly have. But here I read my story…our stories…and what I thought as I read was, “How brave we have been! How hard we have tried! How much we have learned! How rich with experience, knowledge, beauty, hope, joy, love we really are! And it was “we”. I felt connected to so many of the women who shared their stories in this book. I loved Susan’s words. She wrote about how she and her husband had come to an understanding that they were different when it came to money, and had quit arguing about it or trying to change each other. “Nobody needed to be fixed because neither of us was broken.” Isn’t that the truth! And doesn’t it take some living to realize that? This is not a self help book. I didn’t put it down and get up and organize my life. I put it down, and picked it up, and read stories and reflections of people who sounded so much like me, and felt a quiet joy. Yes. This is my life…our lives: Women who have lived a while, who know a few things, who have come to accept ourselves, and are no longer afraid of our lives. And, we’re still living it! This book reminded me, the more I say yes to all of who I am, the happier, calmer, more peaceful my life becomes, and the more I have to give to others, and accept their gifts to me. I loved this book. Jane and Nancy have put together a remarkable testament to the power, the joy, the richness of aging, and continuing to live well. It addresses relationships, decision making, grown children, grandchildren, work, money, letting go, sex, fear, health, change, meaning, courage…through the best of all vehicles: Story. The book includes tools as well. I found “The Equation for Transformation,” created by Meredith Little and Steven Foster, the most insightful. It’s simple, and it’s what we know, but seeing it spelled out reminded me that so often, those hard, dark times in my life were exactly what they needed to be, and while I didn’t always find it easy to trust the process—because it includes not knowing, mystery, questions, fear, waiting—those times fostered the richest changes in my life. I’m telling my friends about this book. It’s almost as if I’d like to introduce them to the women who shared their stories. We all have stories. I think reading this book helped me treasure them for the exquisite gifts they are.”

Martha Carroll, Retired Minister