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About The Book

Middlehood women – from 40 to 65 – are in a powerful and rich time of life, but we are also struggling to come to grips with the changes going on within us. These contradictory feelings are brought on by both growing strengths and the waning of familiar ways of life. It often feels like climbing a mountain, full of glorious vistas, sudden storms, and winding trails.

This book is an exploration and celebration of how women journey through this unique time of our lives. It draws upon one of the most powerful methods that women often use for negotiating change in our lives; we talk to other women. In retrospect, we may find that some of the most inspiring and therapeutic conversations we have ever had were these informal, heart-to-hearts with women we love. Each of us has a wealth of experience and when that is joined with the experiences of other women, we create a veritable well of wisdom for ourselves and others. In that spirit, many women contributed stories, experiences and insights on topics that are relevant to Middlehood women: our changing bodies and relationships; the loss of loved ones; the spectrum of work issues; redefining our sense of beauty and attractiveness; how to deepen our sense of authenticity; the power of our accumulated wisdom; and tools for letting go of old patterns and ways of thinking.

From the gathered wisdom of Middlehood women, three themes emerge as important work for us at this time in our lives. They are: commitment to living an authentic life; the need for courage to face inner and outer challenges, and the willingness to make peace or create peaceful coexistence with our inner conflicts. Women and Middlehood: Halfway Up the Mountain is full of insights and stories to help us on our journey up the mountain trail.

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Women and Middlehood: Halfway Up the Mountain

From the book
“This is the ultimate power we all have: to open our hearts and minds to an unknown path or an answer to a prayer that we never imagined. Again and again, life has asked us to close our eyes, hold out our hands, and be surprised.”